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Tue, 25 Jul 2006
Cameron = My New Super Cool Friend
Well today was a funny day. First it started out hotter that ever. I was dying from the heat so what else to do besides myspace. lol. Then I went on AIM and started IMing ppl like John, Cameron, and some other guy from myspace. Me and Cameron started talking a while back but lost touch, but today re-cinnected. Then he called me. It was the weirdest phone conversation ever. I wasnt very talkative for whatever reason, but he was so funny. We talked about alot of stuff. Like being the SLUTS we are lol. And just random junk like how I look 12 years old. Well maybe one day we'll hang out. Until next time - Aaron Hilton

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I Might Be Moving
Well today I found out I might be moving from San Diego, California, to Corpus Christi, Texas. Theres a couple of resons why, but I wont get into that on here. And if I do end up moving I'm gonna go to a new school as a SOPHOMORE so I'm gonna need to make some new friends to show me aroud there. I'll post as soon as I know things are for sure.

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